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Fempowered by Purpose


Are you a working woman who thinks her current job is

“as good as it gets?”

Would you like to re-invent yourself but think it’s more honorable and responsible to stay where you are?


Would you like to create your personal brand that positively reflects who you are and what you have to offer; at work, in your business, in your community?


Would you like to create a dream career where you can play to your strengths, every single day?


Would you like to get paid for your brilliance?


But, you don’t know where to begin?


Would you like some fresh insight on how to attract the right people toward you so that you can reach your goals?


Is fear holding you back from asking for, and getting that dream career that you really want?


It’s our time. Let’s create an Encore Career!


So many women feel there is a nobility in putting their own happiness and personal fulfillment last. As if their badge of honor, soul sacrifices, and dimming down their light was somehow going to reward them, someday.


The truth is, NOTHING is more important than seizing the moment NOW to create a life that fits what you WANT, deserve and are capable of achieving.


When you turn your dreams into reality, you lift everyone else up with you — your fellow co-workers, your family, your friends, your colleagues, clients and everyone you encounter.


Your joy and inspiration is infectious. Your level of success and all that you are capable of achieving is inspiring for you and those around you.


That’s why the work we will do through SheConnex Success Coaching is sacred. It’s why making time and the investment to realize your long-held business and personal dreams is absolutely critical. Coaching is going to clarify your brand and level-up your results as you create an Exit Strategy to leap into your Encore Career.


I want you to wake up excited to go to work!

I’d love to work with you, here’s how.

Success Series Cocktail Hour

We meet monthly to host a LIVE interview Connexion that creates long lasting business relationships.


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Hosted throughout the year as large, one day group gatherings, designed for women who want to build their leadership skills.

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Group Coaching

Hosted quarterly, 12 week Online/Call program for 5 women per group, Two Groups to choose from designed to build your business.


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Business Strategy Session

1.5 hrs Online/Call with 100% focus on you, your business, or your career, to clarify what you want and strategies to go after it.


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Mastermind Retreats

Hosted throughout the year as one day in person business building intensives for 4 women.


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Success Coaching Programs

Gold3 Month Kick Start Program designed to create positive change that leads to high impact.

Platinum6 Month Success Habits Program to solidify key strategies and action plans that lead to consistent results. FREE access to the private SheConnex Premium Connexions Private Facebook Group Page.

Diamond9 Month Transformation Program to create an action plan that will overcome your doubts and achieve success. FREE access to the private SheConnex Premium Connexions Private Facebook Group Page.


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In person One Day 100% focus on you with practical planning to up-level your business, your career, your life.


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Self Care Retreats

Hosted Annually, weekend self care sessions to feed your soul, your body, and your heart, wrapped in luxury.


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Make lasting connexions with entrepreneurs and career women from the 1000 Islands Region and beyond.

sheconnex notebook

I Loved My Job, Until I Didn’t?


At first I was defeated, thinking that I’d have to settle for what I had. I had a dream, but no plan. I was stuck.


Then, I realized that what propelled my success in my corporate gig could be marketable, and easily transfer to an Encore Career, in Entrepreneurship.


Encore Career Coaching
The key attributes that created my reputation on the job and in my community would be the same in my next right move!


Do you also want more but don’t know what your next right move could be?


I can help you sift through your thoughts, your concerns, and your desires for change.


What Can You Expect With SheConnex Success Coaching?

  • Holding the space for you to focus on yourself, without distraction
  • Teaching you how to make shifts into thoughts that serve you well
  • Strategizing with you to form action steps fempowered by purpose to design your dream career
  • Assisting you to take inventory and market your strengths, attributes, and uniqueness
  • Coaching you how to shift from first impressions into connexions that will aid your next right move.


Outcomes of SheConnex Success Coaching Typically Are:

  • Validation of your unique abilities
  • Clarity of what type of work you’d love to do in you Encore Career and move forward following your purpose
  • Better Sleep, Renewed Energy and Excitement for the Future
  • An Exit Strategy that provides you the how, who, when, where, why
  • Quarterly Plans and Accountability to create reasonable goals to move further towards the day you will take the leap
  • Branding Plans that incorporate your Why * How * What * and that truly reflect the woman you are
  • Networking Confidence
  • Expanded Reach through improved Connexions On Line and In Person
  • Improved footprint at work that converts to new opportunities, credibility and respect


Let’s work together and build an Encore Career built on your personal brand that gets you fired up and ready to be noticed for all the right reasons.

• At Work • In Your Business • In Your Community •

Choose a Coaching Package that fits for you.

Strategy Session: $225

Choice 1:  1.5 Hours of focused one on one time just for you, with zero distractions.
A mini-branding session will be completed using your completed SheConnex Branding Workbook. We will strategize, create action plans, and an accountability plan to help you reach your goals. You will receive a recorded version of your call and notes.


Choice 2:  1.5 Hours of focused one on one time just for you, with zero distractions.
You’ll send me 3 topics that you’d like to talk about. We will strategize, create action plans, and an accountability plan to help you execute with excellence against these frustration points. You’ll move forward with clarity and renewed energy, with your plans in hand. You will receive a recorded version of your call and notes.

Gold Program - 3 Month Kick Start: $550/month

2 Pre-Scheduled 1 Hour Sessions Per Month.
This is the absolutely the best way to get started investing in yourself and learn how you can make massive progress in your life in just a few short months. We will prioritize your needs and wants. We will choose, based on sense of urgency, which desire to go after first. We will also create a plan to overcome a particular challenge you have. Clients typically like to go after goals such as:

  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Dealing with feeling overwhelmed
  • Personal leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Building relationships through networking
  • Creating an online presence
  • Improving reputation and credibility
  • Gaining respect
  • Improving communication style
  • Workplace efficiencies
  • Improved sales
  • Quarterly planning

You will receive professional notes and supplemental email access to me throughout each month and accountability. Wherever it makes sense, in person visits to your business can be arranged.

Platinum Program - 6 Month Success Habits: $500/month

2 Pre-Scheduled 1 Hour Sessions Per Month.
You get all of the above and a long term commitment to your personal development. This gives us the chance to plan out 2 quarters of goals while giving you breathing room to handle your day-to-day commitments with ease and flow.

Diamond Program – 9 Month Transformation: $475.00/month

2 Pre-Scheduled 1 Hour Sessions Per Month.
You get all of the above, tailored worksheets and other resources will be provided as it fits your specific action plan. Includes a Mini-VIP day (4 hrs) to kick off your transformation.

VIP Day: $900

6 Hours In person at an agreed upon location, or via Zoom.

A full day of discovery designed for you. We will dive into your business, your career, your dilemma and get it all sorted out. We will create a quarterly action plan that enables you to move forward with clarity and purpose. We will design in time and focus for what gives you joy and go after accelerator thinking and tasks that will move you towards your success goals. Investing in yourself is the greatest gift you’ll ever give yourself. We will connect with a free 45 minute call so we can hammer out all the details and choose your VIP Coaching Day date & location.


Quarterly Group Coaching – 12 Week Program


Connect with like minded people, collaborate and encourage each other. Learn from each other’s challenges, experiences, and achievements.



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