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“Recover Quickly from Downsizing”

Have you been Downsized?

Are you feeling insecure about the future of your employment?

Are you craving a way out?

Do you think your current job is “as good as it gets?”

Are you a working person who thinks their current job is

“as good as it gets?”

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I Loved My Job, Until I Didn’t?


At first I was defeated, thinking that I’d have to settle for what I had. I had a dream, but no plan. I was stuck.


Then, I realized that what propelled my success in my corporate gig could be marketable, and easily transfer to an Encore Career, in Entrepreneurship.


Encore Career Coaching
The key attributes that created my reputation on the job and in my community would be the same in my next right move!


Do you also want more but don’t know what your next right move could be?


I can help you sift through your thoughts, your concerns, and your desires for change.

What Can You Expect With SheConnex Success Coaching?

  • Holding the space for you to focus on yourself, without distraction
  • Teaching you how to make shifts into thoughts that serve you well
  • Strategizing with you to form action steps fempowered by purpose to design your dream career
  • Assisting you to take inventory and market your strengths, attributes, and uniqueness
  • Coaching you how to shift from first impressions into connexions that will aid your next right move.


Outcomes of SheConnex Success Coaching Typically Are:

  • Validation of your unique abilities
  • Clarity of what type of work you’d love to do in you Encore Career and move forward following your purpose
  • Better Sleep, Renewed Energy and Excitement for the Future
  • An Exit Strategy that provides you the how, who, when, where, why
  • Quarterly Plans and Accountability to create reasonable goals to move further towards the day you will take the leap
  • Branding Plans that incorporate your Why * How * What * and that truly reflect the woman you are
  • Networking Confidence
  • Expanded Reach through improved Connexions On Line and In Person
  • Improved footprint at work that converts to new opportunities, credibility and respect


Let’s work together and build an Encore Career built on your personal brand that gets you fired up and ready to be noticed for all the right reasons.

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TAKE BACK CONTROL of your career with Coaching, Training, and Events designed for you to create
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