Vickie Dickson

May 2016

Vickie Dickson

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes

Kemptville, Ontario


Vickie shared her journey launching her encore career, returning back to school when the majority of the students are in their 20’s, and finding the courage to trust in the universe that opportunities will come forward.


It’s obvious that Vickie loves to serve women. She served them for 14 years as the owner of Miss Vickie’s Specialty Shop (Smith Falls, ON) where I was a raving fan of her new intimate apparel and her highly selective consignment pieces blended with new fashion from New York. She’s now serving them through her expertise in nutrition with her business, “Nutrition You Can Live With” and her wisdom for incorporating Doterra Oils into your health plans.  She was quick to answer our health questions covering the range of ageing, weight loss, sleep loss, snoring, hair & skin, peri-menopause, and menopause.


She’s juggling a husband, 3 grown kids, her nutrition coaching business, and her expanding Doterra business which requires her to travel frequently, which she is truly enjoying.


She offered the following tips for us:

Ditch the low fat food and stick with whole foods, lots of veg, some form of exercise, and pay attention to adrenal glands, sleep patterns, and hormone health in general. “If your Nana wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it.”   She shared intimate details of her own health journey with us, and how her symptoms, weight gain, irritability, lack of sleep, a serious digestive issues along with the inability to find a solution lead her to stop chewing gum. Immediate improvement followed.


She shed some light on a few trends in terms of essential oils:

  • Coconut Oil for teeth and toxin removal.
  • Breathing oil from a diffuser versus melted candle scents.
  • Inflammation pain, snoring, sleep distributions
  • The first sign of the sniffles
  • Night sweats


I asked her what she believed she was role modeling for kids, she replied,  the ability to go after what you want, even if it’s hard, even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d hoped, your doing it.”  She certainly is, all while nibbling on Junior Mints during Thursday night TV programming.


To connect with Vickie Dickson you can follow her on Facebook, visit her website, or attend one of her workshops. She also provides a full range of nutrition coaching, fridge & pantry makeovers, and meal prep advice.


One to one oil sessions are also available.