Vanessa MacLellan

February 2017

Vanessa MacLellan

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes:


Tonight we met Vanessa MacLellan, the Owner of The Gilded Monarch of Smith Falls located in the Davidson Courtyard (Behind Shoppers Drugmart).


We learned how biz idea #3 was the charm and how moving from Ottawa to Toronto to Montreal to Smith Falls was the journey to success. We learned how a talent for floral design, followed by a talent for upscale homecare complete with eco-friendly cleaning products, and supporting her husband’s entrepreneurship journey with gym ownership, gave her the nudge she needed to answer her own calling and open her own shop.


Dismissing pressure to open her husband’s gym and later her store in a more traditional location such as Merrickville they settled on Smith Falls and never looked back. Now a dual entrepreneur family, both supporting each others’ success and nurturing their 13 yr old daughters interest in entrepreneurship too, they are certainly making an impact in their community.


Vanessa shared that it was a series of unique serendipitous moments that lead to the opening of The Gilded Monarch – a play on the “butterfly” meaning of her name, Vanessa. She didn’t have a plan, she had a desire and trusted that she could make it happen.


We learned that you can open your own shop while working in another job. Friends showed up, community members opened doors and provided support and still supporting her endeavours. She recently was honoured as the Business of the Month by the SF DBIA.


Answering her desire to create a space where people loved to visit, a place where she would walk into each day, happy and eager to create is her dream life.


Whether you call it up-cycling, antiquing, or vintage refurbishing, this unique shopping experience offers inspiration in every nook and cranny. China, soaps, jewelry, and oh yes, the furniture pieces! ♥


Vanessa’s interactive FAT Paint workshops are sold out affair and her furniture pieces are a savoured find. I encourage you to follow her Guided Monarch FB page so that you’re aware of her next workshops, her furniture reveal photos, and to add a little creative positivity into your FB feed every day.