Tracy Collins

October 2016 – Brockville

Tracy Collins

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes:


Tracy Collins grew up in the Cornwall area and tried hard after obtaining her degrees to land a job. This proved to be difficult so off she went to Taiwan to teach for four years. She returned and began corporate life but soon found that this was not the kind of work environment that she wanted. After an exhaustive search for an exit opportunity she applied to numerous postings. Just when she had given up hope of finding a role that offered her the chance to play to her strengths and flourish in a nurturing, collaborative work environment, she received two offers. She decided to accept the Design2Learn opportunity and began the life of a “location-free” consultant.


It was very evident that this lifestyle was the fit she was looking for. River views, technology that allowed for active collaboration, travel, innovation, and a great leadership team. She had read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In over the summer holiday and along with a few colleagues launched a Lean-In Circle at her headquarters in Kitchener. Within one year 8 of her colleagues received a promotion with 2 more receiving a second promotion. Women in her workplace were starting to receive the recognition they deserved and at year two, over 70 women from all across her organization were being mentored, coached, supported, and celebrated within Lean-In Circles. I was overjoyed to hear this story! Bravo! Many would have simply stood by, complained loudly, and accepted the status quo. #whenshewinswewin


Not one to shy away from rolling up her sleeves and getting involved Tracy also has been a long time supporter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. After noticing the difficulty of youth in her area who “had lost their dreams” she launched “DreamKeepers” a program designed to teach the important of saving for their secondary education. Through fundraising events, the Littles see the value in planning events, planning for the future, creating awareness, and saving the funds they receive in RESP accounts. Our youth need to see a glimmer of hope that they too can go to college or university and get a good job. She supports a 12 year old girl who I’m sure is thrilled to have Tracy’s love, support, and guidance in her life.


Tracy’s other passion project is being a part of Kelly Bergeron of Code Heros‘s “Innovation Taskforce”. Tracy, Kelly, the other the other members of this team are pushing the envelope and disrupting the community to think differently about initiatives that will create new opportunities for growth, engagement, and innovation. #digitalisthenewmanufacturing #codeheros #thefutureiscode Kelly Bergeron [who we featured in last month’s Success Series] just was awarded a Trillium Grant to host, train and make an impact with people 12 an above within her Code Hero training programs. Congratulations!! Keep your eye on the Innovation Taskforce, they are primed for success!


Tracy is writing a book that outlines the benefits of the “working from home” culture. Location-free assignments are becoming more and more popular. Technology is paving the way for organizations to offer their employees an alternative career beyond the 9-5 and the grind of the daily commute. Progressive organizations have recognized that employment engagement and effectiveness can be positively impacted through alternative work cultures.


So many great comments, questions, points of view, and support was shared from everyone who attended. It’s these kinds of conversations that give me goosebumps!