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Shelli Warren

Are you ready to go after your DREAM CAREER?


Come on, why waste any more time in a job that sucks the life of out you and makes you feel like you’re not enough.


STOP thinking you need a fabulous corner office, a degree, or boat loads of money in order to create a unique career?


You don’t. All you need is a desire for a career that fits you.


If you are being overlooked at your job and tired of sitting on the sidelines because people haven’t seen your potential, lets get you taking the right steps to get you noticed.


If you are ready to move on, we can create an Exit Strategy that allows you to work in parallel with your current job while we clear a path for you to create a career by design.


If you’ve been unexpectedly downsized, there is life after Company X.


Let’s get you back in the game; one that you will want to play to win.


I’m a raving fan of Women who are ready to declare out loud what they want so they can design a life on purpose and reach Success, as uniquely defined by them.

I’m a Biz*Career*Leadship Coach who teaches women how to first become the person she wants to be on the inside, so she can become her on the outside.


I know a thing or two about Corporate life and creating an Encore Career, by building a brand through consistent relationship building, and serving others.


I write, create, and lead Feminars for brilliant beauties who are ready to embrace Personal Development so they can be the Leader they were meant to be within their workplace, their family, and their community.


I host interactive Corporate Training sessions for organizations who see value in investing in their team members to foster a desire to contribute at a higher level, embrace their potential, and step up to Leadership Roles.


Make a connexion with me by attending one of my LIVE Interview Success Sessions that take place in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall, Ontario or visit the Show Notes to reap the goodness of the key learnings if you missed it. For up to date information on upcoming Success Series, visit the EVENTS page on the SheConnex Facebook page.


Join the Encore Career Women Facebook Group where you’ll meet other smart, active, and empowered Women who are hell bent on achieving their Success Goals and supporting each other’s passions.



At SheConnex I work with people who are ready to declare out loud what it is they really want. I’ll show you how to embrace your PASSION, and how to surround yourself with CONFIDENCE to enable you to go after it with AMBITION.




What’s the difference between a project manager and an online business manger? How does a virtual assistant fit into the mix? Where do you find team members and what should you ask them in an interview? We cover the answers to these questions and more. Subscribe to the BizChix podcast on iTunes or in your podcast app of choice.


Listen to the conversation here


In this episode, Host Carol Cox and Shelli strategize ways she can leverage podcasts as well as local speaking engagements and events to build her following and get more clients. Subscribe to the Speaking Your Brand podcast on iTunes or in your podcast app of choice.


Listen to the conversation here


This is a very surreal moment for me! I have been a raving fan of Jodi Flynn’s Women Taking the Lead podcast for years. I highly recommend that you subscribe to her podcast on iTunes.


During my interview, we discussed taking responsibility for your career, boldly transitioning when it’s time, appreciating and acknowledging those around you, and recognizing things happen on divine time. Listen in on the conversation here.

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Living Here: October | November 2016


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DisruptHR – Kingston | Oct 2016


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Hello Magazine

Hello Life Magazine: Summer 2016 – Issue 5


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Be sure to get your copy of the bi-monthly Living Here Magazine and visit the SheConnex pages to read Shelli’s latest article and view our membership ads.

She Champion’s

girls inc

Girls Incorporated of Upper Canada 

As a former Chair of the Board, Shelli continues to be committed to supporting her charity of choice through fundraising efforts at her Success Series.

success for teens

Success Magazine’s Success for Teens, Leeds & Grenville   

Shell is excited to provide impact, life skills, and fun for the young leaders of her community through this pilot 9 week program.

Leadercast logo

Leadercast Brockville 

As Co-Chair, Shelli is proud to bring this outstanding leadership conference to her Brockville community for 7 years running.




Shelli is a small town girl with big city dreams who cherishes family, friends, and a deep rooted connection to the City of the Thousand Islands. A self-proclaimed Leadership Junkie with 25 years’ experience leading teams and projects in a large global manufacturing organization, she is an active community leader who enjoys giving back by engaging in:


    • Co-Chair, Leadercast Brockville. Host site of the Annual North American Leadercast Leadership Conference


    • Lead Facilitator and Champion of the Leeds & Grenville Success For Teens™ program


    • Past President, Committee Member, and Guest Speaker within various local woman’s network groups


    • Past Chair, Board Member and Volunteer with Girls Inc. of Upper Canada



    • Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach School, California 2016


    • Certified Coaching Practitioner, Certified Coaching Federation Certification 2014


    • Summit for Leaders of Organizational Effectiveness, Queen’s School of Business 2014


    • Province of Ontario, Leading Women-Building Communities Award 2013


    • Province of Ontario, Canadian Volunteer Service Award 2012


    • Inaugural Sue McLaurin Leadership Award, Brockville Women in Business, 2014


    • Annual Achievement Award, Brockville Women’s Network 2012


    • Woman of the Year Honoree, Girls Inc. Strong, Smart, Bold Celebration 2012