Shanna Landolt

May 2016

Shanna Landolt

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes


May 31st Brockville with Shanna Landolt, known as “Your Leading Authority on Leveraging LinkedIn.” Shanna is Founder of Secrets From a Headhunter and President of The Landolt Group an executive search firm that specializes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology search. 


Shanna has been featured as a LinkedIn and Career expert on NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CityTV and the Life Network. She is the author of the #1 International Best Selling Book “LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter”. Shanna was also featured this month on the Profit Boss Radio Podcast #17 where she shares her secrets on “How to Ask for a Raise and Get It.” Profit Boss Radio is available on iTunes and Stitcher. Check it out and enjoy the finale where Shanna sings a bit of Billy Joel! 


Shanna also partnered with Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup For the Soul series to write a chapter in the #1 Best Selling book “The Soul of Success.” Within, Shanna shares her story of launching her business with 1 child and a newborn while struggling with postpartum depression. It was great to see these books being purchased tonight as inspiration and as gifts! 


Shanna grew up in Brockville where she was best known for her singing and acting ability. She moved back here a year ago with her daughters Brooke and Karrington who are 6 and 4 years old. 


I loved her stories of her leanings and memories of following her dreams to be an actress in Les Miserables on stage in Toronto and then travelling all across Europe on the Cruise Ships. 


Her initial introduction into the world of Recruitment as the only female and the junior team member was inspiring. She was able to build a reputation, gain new skills, learn how to maximize her connections and gain the confidence to strike out on her own. She did so because it became obvious that she was building another brand, not her own. She planned her exit when she knew she’d be receiving $50K in commissions, received the payment, and then took the leap. That cash enabled her to cover her living expenses while launching.


She is an advocate for “playing to your own strengths” and allowing others to do the same by hiring freelancers through UpWorks. She knows that she can’t be focusing on tasks that create revenue and build her brand if she’s doing tasks that can truly be handled by someone else. She has also hired a new team member to help build the Montreal & Quebec market of her recruitment company. 


Her definition of Success is being able to do what she wants, when she wants and how she wants to do it. This also incorporate free time to make choices on how she’d like to spend her day. She’s has many programs in the works that will allow her to be an information entrepreneur selling and sharing various information to aid others in their career goals. 


We then turned over the space to allow Shanna to teach, inspire, and show us how best to craft a LinkedIn profile that allows us to stand out. 


FACT! Whether you’re searching for a landscaper, a design expert, or a dog groomer, Google shows you the person’s LinkedIn profile first. Don’t be a random blue head… Invest in yourself to showcase your brand, your talent, and your unique skills. You just never know who will offer you an opportunity because they found you on LinkedIn. I’m a great example of large U.S. contract that came my way because a person who saw me teach years ago within my corporate job reached out to find me. He found me, he then hired me for a two week gig, all because I had an up to date profile with contact information on LinkedIn. 


Click here to get the LinkedIn Checklist for Entrepreneurs and the Landolt Group website.