LIVE Mastermind & Sleep Over

January 13/14, 2018

When was the last time you joyfully took time to work ON your business? When you weren’t getting interrupted by your kids or partner or the phone ringing or the notifications pinging?


When was the last time you STOPPED and took time to really envision what you want your business to be – and who you want to become as its leader – in the upcoming year?


When was the last time you had a deep conversation with another biz woman who actually understood what you were thinking and feeling?


Can’t remember? That’s because you’re working your butt off making sales, creating copy, doing your marketing, handling customer requests, paying your team, and generally creating your amazing stuff.


It’s now your time.  Time to ask questions, get answers, brainstorm strategies and decide on tactics that you’ll take action on.  That new energy to take action to Kick Off 2018 will be exactly what you’ll find at the SheConnex LIVE MASTERMIND, and Sleepover.


JOIN US at the Manor for a unique opportunity to JOIN IN the Circle of Support so you can embrace the ideas, the strategies, and your next right move to shift your business in the direction you want to go.


Similar sessions would cost you over $1000.  Take advantage of only $427 Cdn and grab your spot to be surrounded with support and wrapped in luxury with us.


Prices include:  Your sleep, your food & beverages, your worksheets, your strategies & tactics, your high-vibe reciprocal connexions and inspiration.

8 spots  – 2 biz women per bedroom


Get clear.  Get focused.  Get connected.