Maggie Shepherd

September 2015

Maggie Shepherd

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes:


Having a mentor early on greatly enabled her to excel quicker, however, she sacrificed a lot because she thought that was what was expected. Once she was given the opportunity to set boundaries, it greatly impacted her experience. I also appreciated her humility towards how she may not have been the best leader to those who worked with her early in her career, but that when it was realized, she quickly shifted her approach.


As a Professor, she was very open about the fact that early on she believed her own “press” and could easily get caught up in the trappings of academia “success”. As she evolved, so did her definition of success and her interaction with others, expectations of herself, and general wellbeing.


She was also great at explaining that once you know your facts, you then find your confidence to share your point of view.  Don’t back down or dim down because of your position or your gender.  Share your thoughts!


She also provided clarity on how young people should think about planning for a career. “Go for what you love, and what you’re interested in.” She was also very aware that a degree is not a key ingredient for success. Passion, talent, and interest are the larger factors.


I also really liked the back story about her dad and his long standing career as a shipbuilder which lead her to embracing the call to be a spokesperson. That international conference that she spoke at was truly a very big deal!


Of course, we can’t forget that Damn that bun thing.  So brilliant! It could easily be described as a beauty hack! Such a time saver, and oh so chic!