Maggie Patterson

May 2017

Maggie Patterson

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Maggie Patterson is a copywriter and communications strategist. She works hands on with entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses, using content and communications strategies along with copy that converts, to meet business goals.


With more than 15 years of experience she has worked with companies of all sizes from big brands to solopreneurs. After cutting her teeth during the dot-com bubble and bust in Canada’s leading PR agency, Maggie started her own highly successful marketing and communications consultancy.


She is the co-host of the Scoop podcast and her work has been published on leading websites, including, The Huffington Post, and Virgin to name a few. At Scoop Industries Maggie and her biz partner Britany help other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


Wife of the local volunteer fire chief and mom to her lego king son, Maggie loves travel, her half acre outdoor oasis in the middle of nowhere, reading, papercrafts, wine and far too many other things to possibly list.


Taking the leap from a lucrative corporate gig and knowing she was going to do it before she was leaving for her Mat Leave was not the last bold move that Maggie would do.


She created her own biz maximizing the contacts and her own reputation that she had developed over the years. She noted that her son was truly a good baby and that the toddler years were more difficult to maneuver but now as a teen, she’s truly in her stride.


Later she teamed up with biz partner Britney Becher (who lives in the States) and they created Scoop Industries. Both are techies who love the online world and love to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


She stressed that working from home, getting caught up in the time suck of online platforms, fancy pants ads, shiny bright object syndrome, and even comparison fatigue can all take a toll on the new entrepreneur.


Unrealistic goals, disconnection from your trusted peer group, and not having a clear vision of what your biz will be and who you will serve are all roadblocks to your success. Knowing who you are and being able to embrace that uniqueness rather than thinking that you need to be someone else’s version of you will keep you centered and more able to serve to your abilities.


She now designs her week to offer her time for writing (she is a copywriter by trade) with set days for client calls and is able to weave in guilt-free family and friendship time.


She has morphed her own biz a few times as she learned more about her clients and decided on who she wanted to work with. She chose the Podcast platform to build her tribe and pivoted a few times with that as well. Her current Podcast that she co-hosts with her biz partner Britney offers no fluff advice for the small biz owner. Download the “Small Biz Boss” podcast today and get connected. You can also connect with Maggie in the Facebook Membership Group, Small Business Boss.   For free content, check out Scoop Industries Blog.