Lynn Carlotto

June 2016

Lynn Carlotto

Rogers KRock centre has evolved over the past 8 years including a fresh new look and an ongoing roster of great entertainment. There’s always something for everyone from the rock star fan to monster truck rallies, to sporting events.  We pulled back the curtain on the shows and met the leader behind stage, Lynn Carlotto.


A sports and entertainment industry 20 year veteran, she’s been featured in the Canadian Women of Influence magazine and nominated in 2014 for their WOI Award by Venues Today Magazine.


She is the recipient of the 2015 Luminary Entertainment Venue Executive Award. Prior to moving to Kingston, Lynn was based out of Connecticut where she held a variety of entertainment, events and marketing leadership roles for large scale venues and community events.

Lynn’s career was Connecticut based with G.M. positions at Live Nation’s Toyota Oakdale Theatre and Centerplate’s Webster Bank Arena, corporate Director of Marketing and Events for Ogden Entertainment, and Director of Marketing for both the Hartford Civic Center and New Haven Coliseum.


Prior to entering the venue management industry, Carlotto was an advertising and events consultant running a large scale street festival in New Haven in a collaboration with Yale University and the city’s ATP Tennis Tournament. Lynn earned her B.A. from Boston College and M.A. in Leadership from Albertus Magnus College.


Lynn and her husband Bill live a bi-country life with planned regular rendezvous in sweet locations that enable them to connect on a deeper level and maintain their long standing marriage. Lynn is a great example of the new breed of female leader and interprenuer who cares deeply about those she serves, loves her work, and therefore designed a life on purpose. She embraces the blurred lines of worklife. She loves what she does and truly is great at it. This enables her to lead a full life in what she’s now knowingly refers to as North America. Frequent trips back home to Connecticut allow her to connect with their extended family. 


When she first visited Kingston upon receiving the invitation to consider accepting the position, she fell in love with the vibe of the city and the welcoming nature of the people who live there. She is a self-proclaimed happy person with a great outlook on life. It was very important for her to work with and be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Kingston offered her that.


She leads a team of 14 with additional part time staff. The entire team is a “roll up your sleeves and get it done” team. Lynn leadership style is collaborative and approachable. She holds people accountable and ensures a high level of standards for every event and every celebrity, ensuing a great experience for them and the crowd. She can be found at each event. She’s interacting with her team, the crowd, the roadies, the management team.


She had many great stories to tell about the wide variety of celebrities she’s worked with. It was obvious that she has a unique skill set of being able to engage with everyone from the entry level employee, to local community leaders, to multimillionaire entertainers, to the President of United States. She knows that each person essentially wants to be respected, feel welcome and cared for as they prepare to perform. They also want a venue representative who can interact with their team of security and insiders to make a great performance.


I couldn’t let her leave without asking about her thoughts on the recently Tragically Hip scandal. “The situation with the Hip is a great example of a firehose of demand and pinhole of supply. It was enviable that it was going to happen.” She also shared her perspective on how ordinary people suddenly turn opportunistic and decide to sell their tickets to the highest bidder, essentially become scalpers. “There is no trade association for scalpers.” Her team was just as shocked as everyone else with the recent events and the fact that the fan club members, then American Express Club Holders members, went in less than 1 minute. Dual laptops and teams of buyers, set ready for the box office to open. It was so unfortunate that the non member club style fan had so few chances to get a ticket.


The next time I’m at the KRock Centre, I’ll be keeping an eye out for Lynn! 


You can connect with Lynn on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


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