Life Coaching

You want to do better    •    You want to take action    •    You want to make and keep more money


You want to redesign your life    •    You want to be even more successful


You want to live on purpose    •    You want to start saying YES


You need a coach    •    I can be that coach for you!




My clients are “RockStars”    •    They have overcome tough stuff


It took work    •    They were up for it    •    They were ready!


They wanted more    •    They stopped procrastinating    •    They stopped being afraid of every little thing


They started living on purpose    •    They are less angry now    •    They learned how to set boundaries


They discovered more purpose, more motivation, more success!!

How does Coaching Work?


•  First, it increased awareness. We take time to look at what your current situation is and start from there.


•  Second, we take a hard look at your emotions. We acknowledge the shift required.


•  Third, we make the shift.


•  Lastly, we do whatever it takes to keep the shift alive. It takes commitment. We just start doing it.


Coaching is NOT therapy. We will not dive into your childhood or your 7th grade teacher that still chimes in your head. We focus on the future.


We connect via Zoom calls twice a month.  We agree on a set time for our calls. We show up ready to do the work.

Life Coaching Package 

$400 CAD/per month

2 Pre-Scheduled 1 Hour Sessions


This is the absolutely the best way to get started investing in yourself and learn how you can make massive progress in your life in just a few short months. We will prioritize your needs and wants. We will choose, based on sense of urgency, which desired outcomes to go after first. Clients typically like to go after goals such as:


  • Overcoming self-doubt and overwhelm
  • Personal leadership to improve reputation and credibility
  • Improving communication style to build relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Strategies for changing careers, moving to a location, starting over.
  • Strategies for getting unstuck