With more than 25 years of people development experience with Procter & Gamble Inc. it has given me an invaluable skill set that I leverage with every single client I serve.


Would you like your workforce to:


  • Lead beyond their titles?
  • Develop strong relationships that lead to higher production, to learn to find and develop emerging leaders, and to create a culture of leadership development within your company?
  • Are you a Leader in search of your best work and your best life?

I operate under the following three principles:


Servant Leadership: We believe in genuine, authentic care and concern for the goals of the employee, the entrepreneur, or the corporation. It’s all about you with 100% focus on assisting you to reach your definition of success. You will be that leader who people want to work with. You’ll be that brand that creates raving fans.


Momentum: We work with clients who are passionate about cultivating work and workplace environments where everyone plays to his or her strengths and embraces continual learning. We want our clients to fall in love with their job and be excited for the opportunity to lead, collaborate, and serve to their highest capacity.


Real Results: We do things the right way to attract the best people and opportunities for you to land your dream job and curate your dream team that delivers stellar results. With an emphasis on practical and proven strategies, principles, and resources you’ll create an empire you’ll be proud of.


My clients are excited to take action and quickly see a pivot in results, motivation, and self-confidence to lead.



I serve organizations who are ready to provide a new level of care for their workforce.


► Leadership Development
► Annual Performance Reviews and On-Going Feedback Models
► Succession Planning for Staff
► New Hire On-Boarding
► Downsizing Roll Out, Retirement and Recovery
► Women in Leadership Focus Groups

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