Kelli Trottier

March 2016

Kelli Trottier

Kingston Success Series featuring THE BUSINESS OF ART with Kelli Trottier renowned Canadian Fiddler, Singer, and Step Dancer.


Upstairs at the Sir John A Public House we kicked off the Kingston Series with a true spitfire who knows how to connect with a crowd, tell a fabulous story, and evolve her art into a success career.


NOTE: These show notes were written while listening to Kelli’s music streamed in from her Website. I purchased 2 of her CD’s and although she autographed them for me, I’m sending them down to my family (who will freak out!) in P.E.I. Not only can Kelli play a mean fiddle and dance, she has a lovely voice.


Kelli hails from the Ottawa Valley and settled in Kingston after attending university. She chose music over a teaching career and hasn’t looked back. She’s been able to perform all across the globe to sold out auditorium, festivals, concert halls, and intimate venues that she loves the best because she can see her audiences faces, expressions, and enjoyment.


Along the way she’s collected raving fans, celebrity admirers (Merle Haggard & Shaun Connery….not even kidding!) and awards. She’s been inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame and the has been nominated 3 times for as Fiddler of Year for the Canadian Music Association.


She starts her day off by practicing fiddling, even before her first cup of coffee, she’s fine tuning her technique. She follows that up with a morning workout that often includes step dancing in her garage to other fiddle music by artists she admires. Throughout her day she hosts teaching sessions for a wide variety of students and then of course tackles the business side of her career. She admits that she’d rather spend her days writing, teaching, and furthering her own technique for her triple threat skills rather than the mundane but very necessary logistical planning for a variety of gigs, concerts, and festivals she and her band, The Mushy Peas perform at all year long.


She recently was thrilled to have her original music played by the Kingston Symphony and another original piece of music was chosen to symbolize the National Fiddling Day. Awards aren’t the only recognition she receives for her natural talent. She was asked to perform a private concert for Sean Connery’s 80th birthday in a hot & humid discrete location on behalf of his immediate family. I can’t give this story, nor the one where she caused a twinkle in Merle Haggard’s eye any justice. You’ve got to hear this all from Kelli herself.


It’s easy to see why her fans love her, why she continues to excel and be honoured in various ways and why she continues to be a sought after performer for concerts, and festivals, the world over. When she’s not performing, she’s judging fiddling contests, inspiring her students, and creating new music. She just released her 10th independent recording along with a Step Dancing DVD that is sure to get you up off the couch.


Like most artists, she’s uncomfortable singing her own praises and describes herself as good, but not great. We beg to differ. We talked about how women generally put very high expectations on themselves and strive for perfection. At times, the desire to perfect our craft can be a life-long quest, never truly feeling accomplished. Her fans however think differently about her. She describes her favourite part about being in the music industry as being able to impact an audience, touch someone’s heart, create a memory, and make someone’s day. She truly enjoys the “meet & greet” opportunities after and before a show.


I encourage you to follow Kelli on her Facebook page and pop over to her website where you can get on her newsletter list and keep in the loop of where she’s performing next and enjoy her blog.