JC Kenny

January 2015

JC Kenny

What’s not to love about that woman?! So transparent, authentic, and genuinely eager to share with us.


I really enjoyed her stories about growing up in Kingston and England and how her mom ensured she knew that she was capable and beautiful. Being “different” certainly provided her with challenges, but she overcame and learned to embrace her uniqueness and have it work for her, instead of against her. 


Grace and humility she stated as being two key traits that she’s tried to foster within her daughters. I also enjoyed her description of the life she has designed, that she now appreciates, and counts her blessings often to be able to have a life that includes both her parents, her girls, her man, and work that she excels at. 


Her recollection of post secondary school and her early career where she learned from those around her, was quite interesting especially the stories of how far she’s evolved within her media career and TV career, both of which are extensive. I’ll never watch an actor trying to be an anchor quite the same way ever again!


She was frank about the fact that although she works within the media world, she doesn’t agree with every decision and outcome of their corporate strategies. You could tell that recent events both at CBC Radio and CTV News impacted her greatly as she knows these individuals and heard, felt, and processed the news as it was shared just like the rest of us. 


I also enjoyed her point of view on being “second” in terms of co-achor roles and that now within her additional work with the military, she is taking on the “lead” role. 


She also shared her take on image and that from Monday to Sunday she’s the same JC Kenny regardless of where she is and what she’ doing. This includes how she carries herself, and engages with others. She understands that she is the face of her brand, and therefore is aware of how she shows up in the world, whether shopping on Princess St. or teaching Sunday School.


In terms of gaining respect or having influence she offered a tip on how important it is to choose the right approach and words to convey your message or request. She suggests that we avoid the word “just” and “hope” when communicating. Instead, choose words that allow you to be heard and your requests responded to. 


She also graciously offered some advice for us as we think about and be prepared for than impromptu interview. Taking time to prepare is key to your confidence level and ease of communication. The notes are not meant to be read aloud, rather, the process of writing the notes ensures the thoughts are available to you when you need them. 


Paying attention to your appearance will also give you the confidence to focus on your thoughts rather than worrying about hair, clothes, and makeup. Don’t forget to check facial shine, no hair in your eyes, and hair colour that is more true to your natural colour will read much better on camera. Take note to wear dark clothing, and avoid prints that can seem to “move” on camera. Get to know what colours and styles are most flattering to you and stick to them. 


When sharing your information, remember to talk in bite sized segments and say the most important messaging first as to ensure all the good stuff doesn’t get cut out in the editing room. Above all, remember that “they” want to hear you, and your message. So take the time to share your message. 


She also commented more than once that as she has evolved as a person, she’s learned to embrace who she is, and who she is not. She’s comfortable with who she is, and that includes her voice that carries. 


Learning French, and paying a bit more attention to stop interrupting, while maintaining her health goals with running each day are just a few of the things she mentioned as goals for 2016. I’m sure you’ll agree that those goals are “as good as done!”.