First Anniversary of the SheConnex Success Series

August 2016 – Brockville

First Anniversary of the SheConnex Success Series

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes


August 30th marked the 1st Anniversary of the Success Series. We celebrated with a signature cocktail and by reminiscing on the key messages our featured guests shared with us during their interviews. Shelli turned the tables on her audience by asking them to share their insight on how they put into practice each of the key learnings, triumphs, concerns, and lessons. It was a great chance to shine the light on each of the brilliant beauties who attend the Success Series each month.


The anniversary was also marked by the launch of the SheConnex Encouragement Cards designed to inspire her, acknowledge her, and celebrate her. You can now follow through on your intention to make her day by sending her a card, or popping one onto her desk or in her mail slot. Who doesn’t love to receive mail that’s not a bill or a credit card application? Emily Healy of EMH Illustrations who created the cover art for each card was on hand to share in the launch. Each individually designed card fits every occasion you’d need in the Career Pack and the Soul Pack. The Encouragement Cards are now available on the Shop Page


Cheque presentationA cheque was presented to Girls Inc. of Upper Canada Executive Director, Lesley Hubbard along with Board Member Joanne Sytsma, and Program Facilitator Kelly Cole to support the ongoing in-school programming designed to enable all girls to be strong, smart, & bold.  


A lovely bunch of door prizes were gladly provided by the members of the SheConnex community and so graciously received along with a creative challenge put forth by Shelli who gave everyone the chance to select a lovely graphic meme that was meaningful to them. The challenge was to use the colourful graphic creatively and be ready to share it on the Success Series Group Page.


Shelli was thrilled to be able to commemorate this special night with the SheConnex community members who support, engage, expand their reach, and come together to learn, make new connexions, and invest in themselves and each other each month.