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SheConnex Success Summit – September 23, 2017
Featuring Real BizChix and 1 Cool Dude sharing their Insider Secrets

Feminar by SheConnex: Crafting Your Signature Talk – May 12th, 2017

Feminar by SheConnex: She’s So Confident – July 2016

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Whether you’ve been downsized, right-sized, or you simply opted out,

master your next career move with a rock solid exit strategy and brand strategy.

Who's In Your Fab 5?

It’s a well-known fact that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So who’s in your FAB 5? Learn how building the right connections to form your personal advisory board can fast track you towards success as you reap a wealth of knowledge, experience and learnings from their own journey.

Building your Business Through Connexions

Based on Simon Sinek’s ground breaking concept, “Start with Why”, learn how to blend Why, How, and What to forge great connexions built on authenticity that leads to the finest brand building.

A Brand New You – Developing Personal Equity

What’s the word on the street about you? If you knew, could you handle it? Embrace the knowledge that your brand is not your logo, it’s what people say about you, and learn how valuable your reputation truly is when you’re trying to grow your business.

She’s So Confident - Cracking the Confidence Code

Ever notice how some people aim high, simply assuming they will succeed, and others spend the same amount of time and energy thinking of dozens of reasons why they can’t? Learn what drives confidence, how to get it, and how to reap in the spill-over effects of self-assurance.

Building Winning Teams

Stacking a team and attracting the very best candidates who want to work with you, starts with YOU. Be the leader your team deserves. Learn the 6 Success Habits that will WOW your team, and compel them to achieve. Create an environment where people excel and give their best, every day.

Fearless Public Speaking

This session is designed to provide you the insight, strategies, tips and practice opportunities to prepare you to say few words, make a formal presentation or speak in front of large crowds. If you’ve stepped up to train others, communicate to groups, or take the stage, this is for you.

Answering the Call to Lead

This session is designed for those who want to become that capable role model who embraces the leadership challenge by building a solid foundation of core competencies. (Integrity, Communication, Credibility, Decision Making, Problem Solving, People Development)

Be a Goal Digger through Goal Setting and Vision Boards

This hands on, interactive session is designed to help you plan your path towards success, keep sight of your vision, and navigate the obstacles impeding you. As you build your Vision Board, you will recognize the signs of self-sabotage, adopt corrective behaviors, and proceed confidently in the direction of your dreams.

SheLeads Leadership Video Series

If you’re like so many new leaders and entrepreneurs, you’re probably pursuing your passion-fuelled small business or seeking inspiration to continue to climb the corporate ladder of success. Lack of results or success can be frustrating and heart-breaking. Overcome your frustration by seeing real life examples of the struggles, wins, learnings, and joy that can be found leading teams and yourself in your career.


VIP Retreats

Passion – Confidence – Ambition – Leadership – Success


Put a mansion full of women together in the City of the 1000 Islands and creative sparks start to fly! Make no mistake: this isn’t all about business. Whatever has you feeling “stuck,” whether business or personal, we will find a way to get you the clarity you need to move forward. VIP Retreats are designed to reinvigorate your mind, body, business, and soul.

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