Elizabeth Givenrod-Wood

June 2016

Elizabeth Givenrod-Wood

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes


Tonight we let loose! An intimate setting and a renowned expert provided just what the gals needed. No topic was off limits! Sex, positions, pregnancy, post pregnancy, menopause, peri-menopause, leaky pee, leaky other stuff, frequent need to urinate, orgasm, midlife sex, lady bits and man tools, pap smears, and how physiotherapy can help.


Liz’s enthusiasm and passion for women’s health was so evident; you just couldn’t help ourselves as we opened up, shared and asked questions. 


We also learned that having pain anywhere in the pelvic region is not normal and nothing you need to “just deal with.” Instead, ask for help. Liz has an exceptional track record for providing proven methods to eliminate pain. 


Liz hails from our city and grew up swimming for local clubs and Canada. She was able to travel extensively and knew from a young age that she was going to be a physiotherapist. At first she thought of her desire as wanting to be a doctor (always bandaging up her dolls and animals) and as she grew up realized there was a modality called physio. She headed off to become trained and qualified, spent time in the states and other locations in Canada but it was always part of the plan to raise her kids in the Brockville area. She has many fond memories of growing up and was so thrilled to receive the outpouring of support when she decided to open her own practise.


Her centre is located in Prescott right across the street from the Clock Tower. Once inside you’ll be blown away by the welcoming atmosphere, the wide array of clients being treated, and the outgoing personalities of Liz and her team. Oh yes, there’s even a pool inside! Although Liz is renowned her Pelvic Pain expertise she also treats every other aspect of pain management: orthopaedics, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, foot care, etc.


You can’t be the best version of yourself if you’re in pain, preoccupied about the onset of pain, or anticipating pain. Liz is here to help. Her communication style, welcoming personality, will put you at ease. She’s heard it all and wants to help.


You can contact Liz and her team at Seaway Physiotherapy Centre.