Diana Leeson-Fisher

April 2016

Diana Leeson-Fisher

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes


Diana Leeson Fisher’s weekly column, “The Accidental Farmwife” is featured in a number of Ottawa Region newspapers each week. Just as popular are her blogs and her book, “The Accidental Farmwife” where she shares about her unexpected joy-filled blended family life on the 200-acre farm in Oxford Mills with Jim Fisher, a university professor, real estate agent, and farmer. They have five adult daughters between them, and one granddaughter, who visits every Sunday.


Tonight the Farmwife taught me:


About Evolving as a Woman & Mother:

  • Sometimes you need to leave home to find out that home is truly where you’re supposed to be.
  • You can leave believing your one person and return home a different, truer version of yourself.
  • It’s awesome when your kids want to hang out with you.
  • Hosting Sunday supper can be the glue that holds a family together, and well worth a few days of clean up afterwards.
  • Doing a stint abroad can be a sacrifice, it can also be fun, it can also be challenging. It can also pay really well. It can also be a great way to further your academic studies and obtain a degree.
  • People in Taiwan eat fried chicken feet like we eat French fries. They eat a lot of other “food” that we certainly found “distasteful” but hey, it’s their culture.
  • You can get fired in Taiwan for asking too many questions and laughing too much – essentially being too Canadian.
  • Don’t let your boyfriend throw out your collection of seventeen magazines from the 90’s.
  • Blended families are a blessing when the kinks get worked out. In the meantime, resist the desire to run and buckle down, stay put and know the kids will all come together in due time.


About Being an Author/Blogger:

  • Writing each day, if only for a short period of time can fuel your passion.
  • Journals can often be the base of a book
  • Columns and blogs can easily morph into a book, sometime two separate books.
  • Authors only make 10% or less from their books sold in stores or in on line book stores.
  • Often times you can be your best PR team. Follow your intuition when planning your book launch, doing interviews, creating press releases, and when deciding where to offer your book for sale. You know our readership best and how to connect with them.
  • Co-publishing and self publishing is the way to get your work released. Be prepared for a long time line from content development to print. Look for an editor who will knows the industry standards and who can follow a proven process to ensure a great end product. Keep an eye out for any movement, merges, or business divorces of the bigger publishing houses. Often partnerships dissolve and individuals for new publishing houses that warrant another call, visit, or submission of your work.
  • You don’t need professional photos for your book. Often times the most candid shots are the ones that fit best into the overall aesthetics of your book.
  • Building relationships and connexions overtime can truly impact how many people genuinely want to help you achieve your goals. (and sell your books giving you 100% of the profits)
  • There is an actual movement out there whereby other farmwives who write and blog come together to support, comment, share and critique each other’s work. They often save the day by providing insight and brilliance in a crisis too.
  • Most authors have rituals that allow them to move into the headspace that allows thoughts to flow onto the page. A laptop, a fire, a glass of wine, and the farmer on the easy chair watching his documentary can be all the ritual you need.
  • Instagram is becoming a favorite platform for social media sharing, quick, easy, great photos and LinkedIn for professional contacts.


About Being a Farmwife:

  • Sometimes the man of your dreams is right in front of you all along, it’s a matter of timing.
  • Together you can do hard things, like have a full time job, raise kids, and farm.
  • Animals sense your moods
  • Sometimes you just have to jump in and try, and sometimes the farmer nudges you to try again.
  • You really can amaze your family (and sister) with your resiliency and brilliance at adapting to farm life and animal care.
  • The barnyard is full of great content for your blog.
  • The farm can attract all kind of ‘city-folk’ who want to visit and embrace the farm experience – a great memory maker for people of all ages.
  • Farms make great venues for parties.
  • There’s always something that needs doing on the farm: mending, feeding, cleaning, sweeping, sheering, inoculating, corralling, counting, petting, watching.


You can stay connected with Diana Leeson-Fisher on her blog, The Accidental Farmwife, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and of course on Facebook at The Accidental Farmwife.