Diana Delaney

July 2016 – Brockville

Diana Delaney of Indulge Interiors of Ottawa 

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes


THE BUSINESS OF DECOR with Diana Delaney. Summertime conversation about decor trends, stainless versus white, open concept versus traditional, and so much more.


Diana Delaney is the founder of Indulge Interiors and Professor to the 2nd year students of the Algonquin Colleges Interior Decorating program. She focuses on teaching them the skills required to own a decorating business. The program continues to concentrate on key skills to ensure basic concepts understanding, project management, as well as practical training at local design houses.


She also provides decor consultation and execution of Corporate Executive living at key downtown Ottawa condominiums. Turn-key living features right down to the tea kettle and spatulas are provided by her to ensure a delightful experience for the tenants. Diana’s designs won her the 2014 GOHBA Award for her Model Condos at the Claridge Tribeca in Ottawa as well as the 2014 Sammy Award for Best Condo Model, Highrise.


Over the years she has maintained solid relationships with her professors, clients, co-op placement leaders, vendors, suppliers and students. She actively engages in networking opportunities, and chances to be featured on discussion panels. It was through this level of engagement, relationship building, and exposure that lead her to become a Professor at the College, the key consultant for the Condo developments and more.


She purchased her 3rd generation country home north of Cornwall and renovated it, much to the chagrin of her extended family members. We can only imagine the tsk-tsking as each wall came down. 🙂 We’re sure it was lovely. This story prompted the ladies to share their stories of finding relics, wallpaper remnants, newspapers, and letters to homeowners within the walls of their home renovations. She later sold it as her work and life required her to be in Ottawa full time.


Diana loves her one on one consultations with clients and being able to take their ideas, and wishes, and turn them into.


inspired designs to fit each individual’s tastes, lifestyles and budget. She strives to provide a low-stress process with custom designs that will inspire their vision to become a reality, and transform a house into a home.


Some of the ladies present were able to ask their design questions with Diana sharing her expertise and us all chiming in as well.


JC Kenny, we want to see those “after” shots of your stairs. Kaitlyn Dullemond, we want to see your progress on the new home, we’re so excited for you! Keeley Moure, we want to see any changes you make to your neutral pallet and Brenda Ward we want to see anything and everything you do for your family!


Diana Delaney we want to see more of your work! I’d especially love to see your public places design work.


I’m excited for your future Diana. You’ve been able to accomplish so much in a short time. I won’t look at Samantha Pynn’s work ever again without thinking of you. <3


To connect with Diana, follow her on Instagram @dididelly or on her Facebook page, Induldge Interiors and at her website.