Corporate Training



FB48B960-26B1-4F82-9BCE-396BEE249B69With over 25 years experience leading teams in a corporate manufacturing organization, I provide an atmosphere where employees can overcome barriers to personal success and immediately shift their mindset to want to contribute at the next level.


My experience developing and hosting a corporate leadership college designed to span across three bands of employee population (emerging leaders, experienced front line leaders, cross functional leaders). I thrive on showing others how they too can become the leader they were meant to be.


Increase your team’s performance through custom on site training programs that include discussion, practicality, and relatable examples that quickly form a connection.  Participants will experience moments of clarity as they nurture their ability to train, motivate, and lead others.


On Site Co-Ed Workshops are designed to be interactive and improve the following skills sets:


Be a leader worth following by mastering the Key traits and habits of successful leaders. It’s not rocket science. You simply need to decide to be a leader and then start acting like one. 


Improve your effectiveness by understanding how you show up in person, in groups, on line, and in the written word. Learn how your style is impacting your reputation and your ability to attract people and opportunities.

People Development

Be a leader who people WANT to work with. Learn how small actions every day can build trust, credibility and respect for you and your team members. Foster habits, standards, and expectations that are embraced and encouraged across all level of your organization. 

On Boarding New Hires

Set your new team members up for success by welcoming them to the team and providing them with basic leadership, communication, and problem solving skills to accelerate their contribution.

Team Performance

Empower your team to excel by allowing them to play to their strengths while recognizing other people’s contribution and unique abilities. Collectively working toward the same end goals requires everyone’s participation and everyone’s unique perspective.