Why I Love Masterminds

Why I Love Masterminds

why-i-love-masterminds1While one-on-one coaching might seem to be the holy grail of business, life, and career coaching, the truth is, many people actually prefer a group program.

With one-on-one coaching, it’s just you and your coach. The focus is all on your business or your career. What you did (or did not) accomplished in the last week or month and how you can improve. In other words, it can be a bit of a vacuum. Group coaching, on the other hand, has a much more social dynamic

Group coaching offers a sense of community that’s not found when it’s just you and your coach on the phone. With a group program, there’s often a Facebook group or forum where members can support one another, gain insight into other business models, and get advice in real time from people who have been there.

Need a shoulder to cry on about your landing page flop? How about a few cheerleaders as you prepare to step outside your comfort zone for your first keynote talk, or how about a bunch of genuine people ready to celebrate with you for taking the leap and applying for that dream job? A group coaching program offers all that, and best of all, with a community of like-minded members, the help and support is actually, well, helpful.

A group program gives many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s another win for group coaching programs: the price. While it might be nice to work with that in-demand coach on a VIP day, the fact is that many people won’t be able to shell out that kind of cash.

Lastly, with a group program, you’re very nearly guaranteed a successful outcome—especially if the program has been around for a while. Group coaching programs such as Marie Forleo’s incredibly successful “B School” has long been proven to change the lives of those who take the course. Naturally, participants must actually do the work, but the fact is, the model is solid, and clients know that going in.

I’ve participated in 3 Mastermind group sessions over the years and found myself looking forward to the weekly calls. I’ve also found some great friends inside these groups where we’ve been able to maintain our connection long after the session ended. There’s something about the experience of people coming together to openly share, discuss, connect, strategize, and create momentum for each other. Regardless of the individual’s goals, everyone wants everyone to achieve.

The collaboration of well-curated Mastermind group is PRICELESS!

The key to a great Mastermind in the facilitator who curates the individuals to form a specific group. Sure it’s flattering to be invited to participate in a Mastermind, however, consider the leader. Are they ready to lead a group of dynamic people? Do they have the chops to keep the momentum alive, and adhere to the norms and intent of the group? Can they intervene and bring the group back into focus if there is a drift in the direction of the conversation? Are they connected themselves so they can offer insight, resources, and introductions?

Great facilitators offer separate Mastermind groups designed to gather people who are on a similar path. This creates an atmosphere where everyone begins and moves forward at a parallel pace. The other benefit is during individual “hot seats” is everyone can take advantage of the suggestions and next steps as they too are most likely dealing with the same dilemma or soon will be.

Choose your group wisely.

Fully engage. Be open to the suggestions your group members are offering, and above all have some FUN connecting with people you would not normally have a chance to meet and learn from. Oh yes, one more thing. Take advantage of the opportunity a Mastermind provides by pulling you OUT of your normal comfortable go-to sphere of influencers and embrace new insight, fresh ideas, and practical strategies. If you are seeking the opportunity to learn from respected leaders who can help you shift your career or your business forward check out a group coaching session.

Masterminds are one my favorite topics. If you see value in joining a Mastermind and still have questions I’d love to help. If you are thinking of joining a Mastermind let’s talk. I have some stellar Mastermind Facilitator connections that I’d love to share with you.

I’m looking forward to your comments below and emails to swarren@sheconnex.com.