Summer Slow Down – Perfect Timing for a Strategy Session

Summer Slow Down – Perfect Timing for a Strategy Session

summer-slow-down1Take advantage of the cool breeze, the extended daylight, and the relaxed vibe that summer brings and plan a strategy session. With the change in the season come a change in your attitude and your mindset. Make those changes work for you.

•  Are you stuck on a certain idea or challenge in your business or career?

•  Do you want FOCUSED time to hash it out and come up with a DOABLE action plan?

•  Do you want to get insights you can’t seem to get on your own and leave knowing exactly what to do and how to do it?

That’s what Strategy Session is all about! You bring your a challenge or idea and for an hour I help you dig into possible solutions, structures, and ultimately leave with the solution you need!

KaBoom! ENTREPRENEURS lean into this:

You’ve been working your business…hard. You’ve been putting your blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes a lot of them) into growing your business and for some reason, you still feel like you’re walking through mud (not getting where you want to be anytime soon). You have such big visions…but you just aren’t getting there fast enough.

You’re HUSTLING, no doubt about that. You want your business to be successful! You can taste and feel that vision that’s been playing in your head since before you started your company…it was the reason you started it…because you saw just how amazing it could be to be an entrepreneur – to be your own boss, to have a flexible schedule, to have limitless income flowing into your life all while you got to do what you love to do!

Shazam! CAREER DRIVEN FOLKS, lean into this:

Somewhere along the way, you’ve realized that this career journey is actually a little bit tougher than what you thought it would be. And because you’re so freaking awesome and determined, you stepped up to the challenge. You zigged and zagged and continually figured out just how you can get to the next best phase in your career.


You’re not satisfied. You know you can do things better in order to produce better results…both for your career and ultimately for your life!

This game called SUCCESS is not for the faint of heart. And the longer you’re in the game, the more you realize that growing your results REQUIRES outside help!

It requires that we seek out the people, resources, and information that can have massive impacts on our business!

That’s why I coach. Because when I had dark moments in my business journey, when I was uncertain about how to get from point A to point B, when I needed a bit of handholding on how to grow my revenues or expand my reach or launch a service…I sought out help (and I still do!). Coaches, mentors, fellow business women…anyone whom I trust who can save me time and money by providing me insights that would CLARIFY how I can do business BETTER!

If you’re ready to go from CONFUSION to CLARITY in your business or your career and create a REAL ACTION PLAN on how to manifest what you decide you want…

A Strategy Session can help.

Clients book a Strategy Session because…..

•  They want more revenue coming into their business.

•  They know their business is run inefficiently (ultimately costing them a lot of time and money and headaches!) and they want to make their work processes hum!

•  They are struggling with how to hire the right people to join their team.

•  They’re a mompreneur seeking to find the perfect personal equation for rocking out their business and their mommyhood!

•  They need someone to help them brainstorm out ideas and ultimately hold them accountable to accomplish their goals!

•  They know that having someone outside of their business will help them see things they wouldn’t possibly be able to see alone!

•  They are stuck and feeling undervalued at work and eager for a shift in their career path but are scared.

•  They need someone they can trust and who is impartial to help them navigate the waters of their career, the team, the hierarchy, the red tape of their workplace.

•  They have their eye on a dream career and want to ensure they get that promotion, that international assignment, that exposure.

CLARITY * FOCUS * INSIGHT * PLANS * MOMENTUM is just a Strategy Session away. I’d love to help you move forward.