Job Unfulfillment & The Link to Buffering

Job Unfulfillment & The Link to Buffering

Stressed Woman Working At Laptop In Home OfficeMany of us stay in workplaces that we don’t like because we convince ourselves that “what we have is a good as it gets.”

Unhappiness and unfulfillment can start to show up as physical symptoms, quietly at first with headaches, inflammation, skin conditions, sleep issues. Over time, with extended unfulfillment symptoms can progress to IBS, other digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and buffering.

Buffering through over eating, over drinking, over shopping, over gaming, over social media, over TVing, over [fill in the blank] keeps us stuck. When we are buffering the desire to unplug and become comfortably numb over rides the desire to do something different. Fear keeps us locked in which perpetuates the cycle of unhappiness and feeds the desire to buffer.

Think your family, colleagues, and friends don’t notice?

They do.

You then begin to be consumed with surviving the week, the shift, the project, the new boss and waiting for Friday or your next day off to dive into what makes you feel better rather than thriving in your work.

If you’ve lost your desire to create change that leads to finding your true definition of worthwhile work that is meaningful to you, it can:

* drain your energy

* steal joy from your life

* squash your potential

Those around you want you to feel better about:

* yourself

* your work

* your contribution to the world

* your connectedness to life

Reach out. Ask for help. STOP for a moment.

When I work with my clients who have the itch to ditch their careers for something new we start by considering the answer(s) to this question:

The last time I was excited about my work was……..

Take a moment to FEEL what caused the excitement. What were the circumstances?

What lead up to this situation? What happened next?

The answers are the key to describing and then finding your next worthwhile work opportunity. Those emotions, that zest for the work, the knowledge that you’re going to learn new skills and meet new people can be what you’re looking to recreate. Knowing that you can create an exit strategy that allows you to leap over into something new with a plan in place leads directly to newly found confidence and ambition.

If you’d like to recreate that “let’s make this happen” vibe of starting on a new path and you want to consider all the options you have I’d love to help. Reminding people of their value, their strengths and how to position themselves for new worthwhile work is my favorite thing to do!

There are plenty of options to get started with me, including a strategy session to learn more about how you can leverage your expertise, your unique brand, and your desire to define what success and worthwhile work means to you.

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