Create Your Elevator GOAL

Create Your Elevator GOAL

elevator-buttons1Almost everyone knows the famous “elevator speech” exercise, where you try to summarize your business in one sentence after being asked, “what do you do for a living” by someone you meet on an elevator.

Here’s a new spin on it.

You just never know what important a) connection b) someone you admire c) someone you hope will become a client or customer who may take this standard question further and ask you, “What’s your main business goal for this year, and how will you reach it?”

Well, what is it? This is also a great starter to use with your team for yearly planning or when you are introducing a new product or service. You could also weave this into your new hire onboarding plan or add it to your job candidate interview process.

Here’s a prompt, in case you are having trouble getting started:

·     I am going to ____________________ by __________________ for [date]