Chris Clapp

April 2017

Chris Clapp

She’s So Fabulous Shownotes


I love featuring fabulous women who are kicking it in life because they’ve found a way to find fulfillment through their day job & their side hustle… A side hustle that I’m confident could turn into a full-time Encore Career.


Tonight in Cornwall we featured Chris Clapp, Manager at the Seaway Valley Community Health Centre and a new leader of her own team with Rodan + Fields Skincare.


It was so interesting to hear how what she loves about her community healthcare role compliments her success with R+F. Integrity, leadership, collaboration, seeking to understand, providing assistance, creating positive change, stepping outside her own comfort zone, role modelling for other, and putting in the work now so she can reap the rewards later… Just a few of the attributes of why Chris is successful and defining success on her own terms.


After realizing that she didn’t want to have to rely on her day job as her sole stream of income, she decided to leap full force into direct sales… Even after all the years of being a skeptic. She had watched her sister find success with R+F and knew that she too could find inspiration being surrounded by like-minded women after joining her on a training call.


Chris is building her following the old-fashioned way: through hard work. You can often find her at a vendor show, a networking event, or hosting gatherings. Her on-line presence is authentic, collaborative, conversational, and helpful. A fresh take on social media posts for sure! She’s a great example of someone who understands that you:


  1. Build a relationship
  2. Ask for a sale
  3. Continue to provide value after the sale


Growing up in the Cornwall area allows her to connect more easily to her clients and customers in both roles. She understands the language, the challenges, and the vibe of the area.


She’s no longer thinking small. She has big desires, big goals, and lots of energy to make it all happen. She finds time “in the fringe hours” between work, family, and community commitments to build her R+F biz, making steady progress that keeps the momentum going forward. Connect with Chris here on her Facebook page.


Bravo Chris!