Brenda Palmer

October 2015

Brenda Palmer

She’s So Fabulous Show Notes:


Invest in yourself by taking the time to consider what it is you’d like to do for a new career. What do you love doing? What do people tell you that you’re good at? What kind of feedback have you received on your last performance review? What can you loose track of time doing? Brenda suggested you get yourself a lovely new journal to capture all your thoughts, concerns, ideas for a new career.


Once you know what you’d like to do, find someone who’s already doing it and ask them specifics about their role/job/position/business. What do they love about it? What do they not love about it?


Look at your skill set and sign up for ONE class/workshop/on-line course for ONE skill that you need. Did you find out you LOVE it? Did you find out you HATE it? Either way, this exercise will give you more insight on whether you’re truly a fit for this career. Check out WorkCations where you can “try on” a new career during your vacation.


Take the time and get coaching if needed to create a FRESH resume, covering letter, and LinkedIn profile. Search other profiles for cues on great copy that uses key words to describe the kind of work you’d like to do, key strengths, projects etc. You want your profile to be a true reflection of your capabilities so that when opportunities are being searched, your profile rises to the top because of the key words, captions, jargon used.


Volunteering with a group, committee, team, charity are great opportunities to “try on” roles & responsibility. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your skills, and build new connexions. It’s also great to keep you active and engaged in worthwhile work as you conduct your job search.


Give yourself a pep talk if needed prior to attending Networking events or pair up with a colleague to attend. Focus on being Interested versus Interesting and you’ll have a more positive experience. Bring and share cards, like each other Business Facebook pages, and reach out to people on Linkedin.


Look for opportunities to reciprocate with new connexions by sharing expertise. This leads to testimonials and impromptu word-of-mouth advocacy for each other.


Where are jobs? Search on line, conduct some research, follow up on trends that you see and when someone offers an introduction for you or forwards hiring information onto you, be sure to send them a thank you note; regardless of the outcome.


Don’t let others rain your parade or pee on your pansy. Not everyone will understand your aspirations or why you’ve chosen to move into a new direction. Surround yourself with those who do “get you” and who want to support you. Stay motivated by seeking guidance from those who are a few steps ahead in the journey. Stay energized and learning by reading, listening, watching others you admire.