Brenda Miller

March 2016

Brenda Miller

Kemptville Success Series with Brenda Miller of Live.Life.Love.Life ~ Feng Shui Expert


Tonight upstairs at the Brigadoon an intimate conversation about clutter and how it messes not only with our minds but with our well being, and the empowerment to begin an encore career that follows our intuition. It was lovely to see the ladies from Brockville who joined us mixing with our new community members from the Kemptville area!


Brenda and her husband John owned Grayleith Engineering & Construction serving the Ottawa and Carleton Place area for over 25 years. In 2012 they sold it to Cruickshank, relocated to Brockville, and Brenda began designing an encore career following her love of Feng Shui.


She used the art of Feng Shui to sell their long standing family home, their Ottawa condo, and redesign their large office space for sale.


She is a Red Lotus Feng Shui Master Consultant, who also trained with the Canadian Feng Shui organization and she also loves to capture images with photography.


Brenda highly recommends Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Some of us in the group were familiar with the book and noted that it may be small, but oh so powerful. Brenda shared a few easy tips to put into place to aid in your overall emotions of entering your home and setting up your home office.


She reconfirmed that your home and the items inside your home are intended to bring you joy and stir up positive emotions providing you an overall feeling of well being and happiness. We heard that we all should be taking small steps to create at atmosphere that provide us more joy! Small steps like choosing glass over plastic to drink a cup of tea, choosing art that we connect with, choosing fabrics that feels wonderful to the touch and keeps us warm and cozy. By repairing broken items we release the distraction and frustration felt overtime we glance towards it. Removing items that do not bring us joy we then create more contemptment, and happiness within our spaces.


Her fan base continues to grow as she helped many people make life changing decluttering, and design improvements that have impacted the home owners attitude, relationships, finances, and work environments, not to mention closets and drawers! I think we could all admit to a junk drawer or even a junk closet in our homes.


She confirmed that many of us hang onto items believing that we should through some sort of obligation of emotion tied directly to the item or the person who gave us the item. She reminded us that by revisiting the item, telling the story behind the item, and allowing others to acknowledge the history behind the item the owner can then more easily let it go. She feels that it is a big part of her role to play in consultations is to act as the unbiased person who truly is interested in the story and who then allows the owner to release it.


She has also began to practice the art of painting and is enjoying this new found creative release. Her love of art and design is evident in her business, her enthusiasm for fashion that also incorporates Feng Shui – something I hadn’t even considered.


In her own words:
I am a seeker, a searcher, always looking for something that will give me an edge, a step up in this crazy world. I crave balance in my world, whether it be with the food I eat, the activities I engage in or where I live. Chaos is not my friend, balance is and Feng Shui offers that balance. It’s funny when you live in an environment of balance, your world becomes easier, less of a roller coaster ride.


I highly recommend that you follow Brenda on Live.Life.Love.Life Facebook at her Live.Live.Love.Life page and visit her website to sign up for her inspiring blogs, complete with tips and beautiful photography.


Brenda created two Feng Shui tip sheets that for the SheConnex Simplicity Success Bundle. More Success Bundles can be found on the SheConnex website Shop page.