Leslie Bottigoni and Lynda Joanisse

November 2017

Leslie Bottigoni

Lynda Joanisse

She’s So Fabulous Shownotes


We ended 2017 with a dual live interview with twin sisters, Leslie Ambler Bottigoni, Owner of LeMar LUXE Spa Studio and Luxe Boutiques and Lynda Joanisse who is the Principle of the St. Lawrence Academy, a private school for children grades KG to 8. Both sisters have relocated from Ottawa/Manotick to Prescott where they are involved in many projects focusing on youth, entrepreneurship, tourism, special events, downtown improvement, and essentially creating a life by design for themselves, their neighbors, and their families.


Leslie flew in to join us after receiving the Ben TeKamp Honorary Entrepreneurship Award earlier that evening! We, of course, knew that she had been nominated so she was greeted with loud applause from us all. Both of the ladies climbed up onto the hot seat and we were off to the races learning about the journey that shifted them from their mutual love of music, beauty, art and making a difference in one city to creating a new life in Prescott doing more of what they love.


Early on Leslie nudged Lynda into becoming an aesthetician so that they could have a home based spa which then shifted into a storefront in Manotick. After noticing how lovely it was in our area each weekend visiting their parents new home on the river, Leslie and her family made the move and bought a lovely 200-year-old century home. Soon Lynda and her family joined them setting up a family home as well. Both sisters raved about the housing market in Prescott and the difference in value pricing as compared to the Ottawa area.


Relocating to Prescott proved to be a great strategy as Leslie grew her client base to over 4300 with 10 fabulous staff members at LeMar Luxe Spa Studio which also served as her family home for a few years. The biz grew so much that she shifted her family out and into a new home while morphing the living space into a collective for makers and creatives at Luxe Boutiques. The spa remains in the back half of the property while every nook and cranny in the former family living space features works of art, food, and crafts from over 50 local artisans. Now the artisan shop and the spa studio is set, she’s excited about the launch of LeMar Luxe Academy a full apprenticeship program for new stylists.


Lynda is an energetic and kid-loving teacher who worked at a variety of schools, opened her own daycare center that had an extensive waiting list each year, homeschooled her girls, and then began at the St. Lawrence Academy as a volunteer teacher while also working at the spa. It soon became obvious by the board of directors that she was perfect for the Principle role leading the private school and evolving it into what it is today. She is also an accomplished singer and actor, so no surprise that she’s the Creator/Director/Producer of PKC Musicals – a free Musical Theatre Program for kids aged 4-16. This includes a summer camp, shows, and mentorship.


You just can’t help smiling while watching these two in action. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Their foresight into noticing the potential in their small town and the progressive ideas they have about how to continue to showcase the many positive things about the Prescott area can’t be denied.