paintI've always held creative people in high regard.  I'm in awe of their ability to create something fabulous from even the smallest spark of an idea. I attract creative types, always have. I love to ask them a million questions about "how they do it." They comply. I often wonder if it is because they know I respect their abilities or whether the universe is nudging me to join them. Either way I welcome their brilliance and within my SheConnex community, I like to refer to them as my SoulPreneurs. 

professional businesswoman1. Stay at Home

Don’t meet new people, and relying totally on your current contacts. Continue to think the business leaders in your area know it all. Wait for your industry to tell you what’s on trend. Expect people to find you. Surround yourself with the same people you always have, even when you know intuitively that those relationships are not serving you anymore. Remind yourself that it’s hard to meet new friends and contacts who will inspire you. 

bigstock-Business-woman-in-black-dress--70945414If you’ve yet to experience working for or with a leader whose style is to micromanage you’re either self-employed or extremely tolerant. Throughout my work history and my volunteer experience I’ve discovered that there is an abundance of those who micromanage. It’s simply how they get work done.