Biz Messaging Across Social Media Platforms & Membership Spotlight

March 2017

Biz Messaging Across Social Media Platforms & Membership Spotlight

Tonight at the Brockville Success Series we hosted a Mini-Feminar and Membership Spotlight while sharing a great meal together.


News, updates, announcements, questions, and laughs were shared as each member shared “What it is that they love to do” with us.


Expanding on the January Brockville Mini-Feminar where we crafted our networking CLEAR & SIMPLE message, tonight we discussed the importance of ensuring your business messaging is consistent across multiple social media platforms.


Specifically, your BIZ Facebook Fan Page ABOUT section, your Website Homepage, and your Speakers Profile.


Your call to action is:


Take some time this week to ensure that your FB Page takes advantage of the all the options available for customers to know more about you (Services, Reviews, Website Link, etc). You can find these options down the left-hand side of your FB page.


Ask for a few key Reviews and write the review yourself asking your customer if they could suggest any improvements to the draft review you created for them.


Visit your Website Homepage and ensure that vibe, feel, wording, images, theme matches your branding on your FB Biz Page. Also, ensure that the conversation you are having on that homepage talks directly to your ideal client. One more thing: does your website look like it was created in 2003? Does it truly reflect where you are headed versus where you’ve been? Can visitors to your website quickly get a sense of who you are and what you do and how you can help them?


Next, visit your ABOUT page and ensure that it matches the About section on your FB page.


Your Speaker Profile and Introduction Bio needs to have the same messaging, a fresh headshot, and up to date contact information.


At the May 12th Fempowered by Purpose Feminar we will be diving deep into creating the ideal Speaker Profile, Speaker Contract, and Introduction Bio that will make every event planner instantly want to work with you again. Of course, this is will INVALUABLE to you as you Master Fearless Public Speaking so you can:

  • Easily introduce your business to others
  • Easily Master Vendor Booth Opportunities
  • Enjoy Networking meetings and conferences
  • Position yourself as an expert to easily
  • Accept and pitch invitations to speak, and teach from the stage
  • Accept and pitch invitations to write for publications and other platforms


Tickets are selling fast the May 12th Feminar. Get yours Here.


Thanks so much for joining in the conversation tonight ladies. We LOVE hearing all the news about your businesses and desires to create an Encore Career that you love!


For those of you missed the session tonight, you can download your free worksheets here.