Amy Rensby

April 2017

Amy Rensby

She’s So Fabulous Shownotes


What happens when you invite one of your favorite clients to town for a gathering and many cancel due to flu and what not?


You have goosebumps as an intimate conversation unfolds where the women lean in, and where the stories resonate with us, deeply.


Tonight at the Success Series in Brockville we met Amy Rensby who is a dual bixchic who owns Magnolia Catering and C’est Tout Bakery of Smith Falls.


Amy’s career journey is a windy one, like most of us. She started out in law, then switched to banking, and then landed in a government role. She had it all, right?


After many years it became obvious that she really wanted to follow her natural talents and opened Magnolia 3 years ago in an old church with her biz partner who shares the space as a Yoga Studio. She was on fire with a variety of lovely events. One year ago she decided to open C’est Tout Bakery in the hub and now serves up goodies, sandwiches, soups, daily in addition to her many catering events.


“I want to provide an experience for my customers. Whether it be a bride, a 90th Birthday Party, or a local shopper coming in for lunch.” Amy and her staff have quickly made an impact in Smith Falls, winning many accolades and creating raving fans.


She has been able to connect with her staff, customers, and many peers as she loves to collaborate with other small businesses. Her bakery features specialty food products sources nearby which add value. She has trained many co-op students, allowing them to “try on” what it would be like to be in the food service business.
She openly ensures they try to create, learn the processes of the bakery and learn to love a sense of accomplishment.


Amy was quick to share stories and examples of how important it is for us to ask for help, and then willingly take that help, every time. She encouraged us to remember that challenges will arise, and we will overcome them. Keeping our expectations reasonable, getting self-care time, and having people to openly share your concerns with all help with overwhelm. She was also quick to state that “an overwhelming day at the bakery is WAY better than a bad day at the old 9 to 5.”

A new sidewalk patio is coming this season, along with more local collaborations and more yummy food for us all.


I encourage you to visit C’est Tout Bakery and check out Magnolia Catering. You’ll be inspired to see just what one can do when they ditch their career for one that truly allows them to play to their natural strengths. Follow all the goings on at the lovely and lively C’est Tout Bakery Facebook Page.